"We're eating many more vegetables, which you don't get with takeout. The truth is, when I really looked at the cost, a personal chef really makes a lot of sense."
- Amy B., Brookline

"We are a food-obsessed family used to eating in the best restaurants. Yet Andrea meets all of our expectations for recipe choice, procuring the best and most appropriate ingredients and executing her dishes. Andrea does lots of fancy things well, but I am most amazed by her grasp of the basics. Her chicken soup, apple pir, fish chowder and stuffing would win prizes."
- Jane C., Weston

"Working with Andrea was a pleasure from start to finish. We met with andrea to plan the menu, after which she took care of everything, including shopping for the food, prepping, cooking, serving, and then cleanup after the dinner. She was able to accommodate special requests, and kept everything as stress free as possible. All aspects of the process were handled with the highest professionalism."

- Bary C., Newton

"My kids used to eat a bagel or a protein bar in the back of the car while driving to dance lessons. Now we can actually sit down and have a meal together, even if it's only for a half hour."
- Susan Y., Lexington

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